Services – wedding ceremony

Our first meeting is free of charge and without obligation.

If you think that I am the best person to carry out your wedding ceremony, you can choose between these 3 options.

  • Package 1: 1050 euros
  • Package 2: 1350 euros
  • Package 3: 1950 euros

First meeting: this first meeting has the aim to get to know each other better and allows you to decide if I am the best person to carry out your wedding ceremony. This meeting is free of charge and without obligation.

Detailed interview with the couple: we conduct an interview with the couple and an individual interview. We do these individual interviews because you will express your affection and love for the other in a different way, it will allow me to integrate your thoughts and words into the speech and create a surprise for the other. You should plan about 3 hours for the interviews. Depending on where you live, our interview can take place in person or via Zoom.

Update call/meeting a few days before the wedding: a few days before the wedding, we review and confirm the different stages of the ceremony by phone or in person.

Soundcheck and communication – location and musicians: for organisational reasons, I contact the location to get a better picture of where the ceremony will take place. If you have planned music during the ceremony, I also contact the musicians to agree when the different songs will be played.

Communication with the bridal couple – Constant availability: you can always write to me, call me and ask me questions and I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Communication with ceremony participants: parents, family members or friends often want to say a few words during the ceremony, I will contact them and agree with them on the timing of their interventions.

Speech writing – 2 languages: the speech will be written in two languages.

Information about standard wedding ceremony rituals: I will inform you about the different types of rituals: ribbon, sand, wine ritual and I will carry out one.

Printed version of the ceremony speech: you will receive one printed copy version of your speech.

Speech writing – 3 languages: it is possible that some international guests do not understand the two languages spoken by the couple. Some parts of the speech may be written in English/French/Spanish/German to include all guests.

Writing tips – wedding vows: it is sometimes difficult to express one’s feelings and formulate them in a short speech. I will help you to structure your wedding vows.

Interviews with parents, relatives and witnesses: in order to get a more detailed picture of your life and history, it is also possible to interview relatives, friends, family or witnesses. This will allow you to experience beautiful surprises during the ceremony, when I will evoke anecdotes and beautiful moments with your loved ones.

Event management – various spontaneous tasks: in the emotion of the day, it happens that some things are forgotten and I will be help you: pick up the wedding rings and other materials, manage delays and their implications, manage, modify and translate speeches of the ceremony’s participants etc…

Carrying out special rituals: are there any traditional or personal rituals that you wish to carry out that require special effort or attention? I will research and carry them out in accordance with your requests.